Product Guarantee

We at Douglas Precision are going into our fourteenth year in the business of providing our customers with the finest quality steel targets and shooting accessories available anywhere, backed by the best guarantee in the industry.

We strive to design everything we manufacture with safety foremost. We believe our products when used with common sense and safe shooting practices will deliver many trouble free years of use and enjoyment. Provided that you use them in accordance with the guidelines specified within this catalog. Obviously shooting anything made of steel presents risk of injury, to the shooter and spectators, therefore by purchasing any of our products, you the purchaser are agreeing to assume all liability necessary when using our products. We guarantee all our TARGETS for a period of three years from original date of purchase providing that they are used only as recommended. Return the defective item along with a brief description of what caused the problem and we will at our discretion, replace or repair the defective item within ten days of receipt at no cost to you. Any other item not considered a target I.e. swinger frames, target frames, dueling tree stands ect… shall be covered by the same policy for a period of one year from original date of purchase. At no time should Armor Piercing rounds or Incendiary ammunition be used with any of our products, this will void our guarantee.