Paper Target Stand Systems

Our paper target stand is fast becoming one of our best sellers. No matter what shooting discipline you are involved in, this stand is a must for those who are serious about what they do. The design and construction take into account for windy conditions and rocky ground; features not found with any other portable target stand. When not in use the stand breaks down to 18" wide by 36" tall by 3" deep. The feet are removable without the use of tools and store from the sides of the frame. All paper stands come with a swinger mount, but the swingers are sold separately.

Paper Stand Systems
18" Basic Stand


18" Basic Stand w/ Risers


24" Stand w/ Risers


36" Stand w/ Risers


Plastic Backers 18" $1.25/ea

24" $2.25/ea.

36" $3.50/ea